Alison X Holly = Results

Alison, a mum of four, found the support she needed under Coach Holly’s guidance.

After an initial consultation to better understand exactly what her goals were we decided personal training sessions and ongoing nutrition and accountability was exactly what was needed. 

Alison now has the knowledge to fuel her body in the correct way, her fitness has improved exponentially along with her self confidence. Her progress has been incredible, she is a true inspiration to all mum’s that feel they are unable to be at their best whilst living a hectic lifestyle.

In Alison’s words: “The thing that caught my eye was the package for both nutrition and the personal training, because I think although we are aware of the kind of things that we have to do, we tend not to do them.”

“So I think I needed someone to speak with, tell me what I should eat,  how much of this and that. I think if I didn’t do that part, there would be no point to the actual training because then I wouldn’t have come as far as I am and grown as much as I have in that time.”

On Nutrition, she learnt about carbs spikes, the plate method and how to manage cravings – aspects she would struggle with before. “Plate method is really easy. And the way it works, I think it keeps me full up. And I’m not craving for the sugary stuff after I’ve eaten that. We found so many alternatives with the protein yoghourts for that sweetness. I think just learning that simple thing was crucial to me.”

In two months of training, Alison went from zero push-ups to five and got a 90 kg back squat. “Definitely, cardio has improved because I find myself not so tired and a bit more able to get to the end of the workout. I remember trying to push up and I collapsed. And now I think we’re getting to maybe five. So that has definitely surprised myself too.

Alison adds: “I don’t think we as humans in general don’t push ourselves enough. So I think this is definitely something that I knew that I had to do because I could go to the gym forever and never kind of progress with anything.”

We are so incredibly proud of all we have achieved together – and this is only the beginning!

If you can dream it, you can do it.

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